The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

The Big Turnoff, by Ellen Currey-Wilson, is a first person account of a woman trying to raise her child TV free. though she was somewhat more successful than I, it was quite funny and somewhat eerie to read how she was influenced by many of the same things as I was: Waldorf playgroup, attachment parenting, etc.

“This is my life”, I said more than once as she threw herself in front of a blaring TV set at a play date or tried to interest “glued to the screen” kids in something else.

I laughed my way through this book and then e-mailed Ellen to tell her how much I enjoyed it and that I had joined her Yahoo group for “TV limiting Moms”. She responded, almost immediately — that’s refreshing and encouraged me to pass on information about the group so … check it out at her website and read the book if you want a good laugh.

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