Parenting Unplugged

Recently I was on a radio show in Portland called Parenting Unplugged Radio. Naturally I love the title of this show, but it’s the hosts of the show, Laura and Todd Mansfield, who really make it a success. They made me laugh, they made me sigh, and then they somehow talked me into singing the beginning of the “Brady Bunch” song. (Yes, I still know it.)

After my little performance, I started listening to some of Todd and Laura’s other podcasts and was impressed with the topics they’ve tackled so far, everything from water birth to parent activism. I hope you will listen, too, and read their blogs about the same topics as well.

We are fortunate to have so many opportunities to learn and grow as parents. We are no longer dependent on major news networks to stay informed or to let our own voices as mothers and fathers be heard. Parenting Unplugged Radio is just one example of this phenomenon, but it’s one of the best. The more ways we have to inspire, empower and entertain parents, the better the future will be for all of us.

Happy Autumn!


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