Summer Fun

I always assumed that children watch less television in the summer. I imagined that kids would be swimming, reading, playing outside and pestering their siblings all day, but apparently that’s not the case. Without school and afterschool sports, kids actually end up watching more television to fill the time, rather than less.

The problem is that parents and kids alike often feel at a loss when it comes to finding alternatives to television and video games in the summer.

I know what that’s like and I have a great book that can help (and it isn’t my book, although I naturally recommend it as well). The book I’m talking about is full of creative ideas and games for kids. It’s called “Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun” by Bobbi Connor. Connor is a radio host of a program called The Parent’s Journal. She interviewed me about my book and she really understands how important it is to get kids unplugged more.

For my family, it’s been a pretty good summer so far with plenty of time outside, since the sun has finally come out in Oregon. My son talked me into taking a number of unorthodox hikes to various waterfalls where few others have been before us. In fact, one of our destinations was so difficult to reach we were not surprised that one couple who tried it had to be rescued by helicopter.

To find out more about my son’s (less challenging) recommended hikes you will soon be able to check out his website. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Hiking!


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