Surviving the Holiday TV Season

Well, finally another blog, and just in time for the holidays, a time when it can be difficult to cut back on television. I can remember many a Christmas or New Year’s Day with relatives when television seemed like the only way to keep everyone entertained and happy, myself included. Even so, cutting back on TV or doing without it over the holidays has its rewards, so here are my suggestions:

1. If you’re planning to have a TV-free holiday, let your family and guests know ahead of time. Don’t wait until everyone arrives to tell them that the expected Star Wars movie marathon or college football game isn’t going to happen. Enlist their support and enthusiasm early on, so no one’s disappointed.

2. Plan a bunch of fun activities well in advance such as playing board games, doing art projects, singing, playing musical instruments, hiking, playing soccer or baseball (actually playing rather than watching), reading together (my book for instance), cooking, talking (hopefully not arguing constantly), and going to plays, musicals, etc.

3. Keep it positive. Tell everyone that you’re trying something different for the holidays (if it is different), and that you thought it would be more fun. Remind the relative who complains of missing his favorite show that they’re airing reruns now anyway because of the writers’ strike.

One more thing… you can always go shopping. I suggest buying my book. Give it to those friends and relatives who really do want to get unplugged.

Happy Holidays!

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